We have created a revolutionary enzymatic technology, capable of improving the performance of industrial processes and contributing to the sustainability of the planet.

costa rica

is nature, biodiversity and science

that's why, by means of a biorefinery model, we are transforming pineapple industry waste into an advantageous technology for our clients.

costa rica

is biodiversity, sustainability and science

that's why, by means of a biorefinery model, we are transforming pineapple industry waste into an advantageous technology for our clients.

Our Technology

Industrial Processes

key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Our technology has been developed to improve Key Performance Indicators (KPI) by improving the performance of industrial processes, accelerating manufacturing processes, allowing larger volumes in less time and saving money on energy and machinery costs.

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Enzymatic Technology

Enzymes are molecules that accelerate biological processes, commonly called catalysts, because they transform products into other products; without the help of enzymes everything would be slower. For example, digestion requires many enzymes that help to degrade food into smaller particles, in plants enzymes are responsible for protection in case of attack by microorganisms.

We use 100% natural origin enzymes to help to speed up industrial processes, making them much more environmentally friendly, since they replace polluting chemicals, reduce the energy consumption of industrial processes and are biodegradable and also do not threaten the health of the consumer.

Examples of how enzymes can help some indutries:

Stabilizes proteins, prevents turbidity andhydrolyzes proteins.

Alcoholic Drinks

Improves relaxation of the mass and allows theelevation of the same eventually.


Eliminates impurities in wool and silk fibers, improves fibrillar dyeing properties, reduces softening time.

Textile Industry

Promotes protein degradation inruminant feed.

Balanced foods

Hydrolyzes myofibrillary proteins from meat, oyster, chicken, squid, etc.


Treatment of acne, wrinkles, bruises andswellings.

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our commitment

Contribute to the
Sustainable Development Goals

We base a large part of our technological development on  contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals, below we present the four objectives in which we inspire our work:

Which goals and how we contribuite to them:

Goal 8


Goal 9


Goal 12


Goal 13



By using of waste material from the agricultural industry

Our enzymes are obtained through the use of waste from the agricultural industry, in this way we take advantage of these wasted resources to obtain a technological product of great value, and avoiding waste and the use of waste treatment that in many occasions are harmful to the environment.

We improve industrial processes to make them more sustainable, our technology is biodegradable, and allows our customers to save energy, which translates into better actions for the welfare of society

How is this possible?

How is this posible

We would like to thank the following entities that have helped us in one way or another to make this project possible: